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Product Range
1) L.T. Cables upto 1.1KV Power
    IS: 7098 (Part-1)
-PVC/XLPE Insulated
-HR/FR/FRLS type
-single core upto 1000 sq.mm
-multi core upto 630 sq.mm
-Aluminium /Copper Conductor
2) Control Cables
-PVC/XLPE Insulated
-HR/FR/FRLS type
-upto 61 Cores in1.5/2.5 Sq.mm
-multi core upto 50 Sqmm x 4 core
-Copper Conductor
3) Mining Cables Signaling Cables
-Copper Conductor
Steel Strip/Round Wire/ Double Armouring
- PVC/XLPE insulated
4) Flexible Wires
-Copper/Aluminium/Solid/Multistrand / Flexible
-PVC/FR/FRLS/HR/PVC insulated
-upto 185 sq.mm single core stranded /Hookup wire
-upto 10 sq.mm Solid
-upto 50 sq.mm multi-core round
-0.50 sqmm to 25 sq.m Flexible
5) Co-Axial Cables

-RG Series
6) Instrumentation Cables

-Screened / Unscreened
7) Aerial Bunched Cables
-Aluminium Alloy
-HDPE/XLPE Insulation
8) Telephone Cables -In Pairs, Single Pair to 100 Pairs
as per ITD Specifications
9) Computer Wires -CAT-5, LAN Cable
10) Special Cables -As per Customer’s Specification
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